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Parents, is your child struggling in an area that is hard for you to pinpoint or understand? Are you going through a separation/divorce and worried about your child’s ability to cope with the changes? Has your adolescent stopped opening up to you and now you’re worried? 


Children and adolescents today have more opportunities than any generation before had access to. But, what adults sometimes miss is that with more opportunities can be more challenges or opportunities for greater confusion. 


Children and adolescents may struggle with learning or behavioral issues at school (e.g., Am I stupid?), trying to cope with social relationships (e.g., Why don’t people get me?), coming to terms with their own identity (e.g., Am I a boy or a girl?), or struggling with the fall-out of parental break-ups (e.g., Is it my fault?).


Whether you are considering therapy as a pre-emptive course of action for your offspring or there is already an issue displaying itself, I am here to help. 


Before launching my own practice, I held several positions utilizing my expertise in the school/medical systems, including school social worker, classroom intervention clinician, and clinical supervisor. I have worked with children from all socio-economic backgrounds, with a particular passion for supporting inner-city, disadvantaged and suburban youth.


No matter the issues I have treated, I’ve found that the common denominator is that all of these young people just want to be heard and respected. 


I believe strongly in working with the next generation of children and adolescents. I would be honored to work with your loved one.

They need you more than ever

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